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Valerie - Breast Cancer

My sister was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2008. She did not start treatment until 2009. She later underwent a a partial mastectomy in Lagos Nigeria, followed by radiation. After 3 months, she started to notice bumps on her neck, head and back and to feel pain in her hip. We made arrangements for her to come to the US for further cueck up. When she got to the US, we found out to our horror that the cancer had spread to her skin, pancreas and bone. She was in pain, could not digest food and could not sleep without painkillers.


That was when the horror begant. In the midst of this horrific discovery and seeing the vaces of the doctors telling us that she will be in treatment for a long time, I reached out to my mentor in crisis and cousin who mentioned SeaCare to me. We had no idea what it was, never heard of it. She promised to get the information to us and she did.

My sister started her first chemo regimen the 2nd week of June 2010. Day 1 she was weak, nauseas, etc. She had undergone chemo before and was familiar with the effects of it and dreaded having to go through it again. A week later we ordered SeaCare, and she started taking 4 per day.

After a couple of days on SeaCare, I noticed that she could sleep without taking painkillers. Then she noticed that the bumps on her chest were drying up. After 2 weeks on SeaCare, we started to notice that she was stronger. The first week before she started SeaCare her blood level was very low and she was advised that she might be administered blood transfusion the next week. When we went back the next week (one week on SeaCare), her blood level had gone up. She was strong, she gets up in the morning, cooks and cleans, so full of energy that one could not tell that she was undergoing chemotherapy. She did not have one symptom of the effects of chemo; her appetite was great, and her hair and nails intact. Every time we went to the doctor, we kept asking when the effects of the chemo would start, and each time we were told “maybe next week” and not to get our hopes up high because the chemo is pretty strong and it attacks both good and bad cells. Guess what? It never happened.


The miracles started to happen only after 2 weeks:

  1. The pain stopped. The explanation? “Probably the steroid in the drugs”

  2. The bumps on her chest started to dry up very fast. The explanation? None.

  3. The sores on her skin started to heal. The explanation? None.

  4. The bumps on her neck and head (about 6 huge bumps) started to reduce and dry up. The explanation? None.

  5. She was very healthy, her blood level was not that of one on chemo. The explanation? None.

  6. Her hair and nails were great.

  7. Her appetite was very good while on chemo.

3rd chemo cycle the oncologist was so impressed with her and told her that she may not need to complete the entire regimen. 4th chemo cycle she was told that there was no need to continue and that they would give her chemo drugs to take home to Nigeria.

I cannot get over what a difference we saw in her on SeaCare. Even the nurses were amazed at her progress.

Today she is back home in Nigeria. She has stopped taking the SeaCare but will get back on it because she is starting to notice a change in her due to not taking it.