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Ted - Throat Cancer

I wanted to take the opportunity to share some good news. Ted has crossed his first big hurdle on this road of recovery. On September 8 the had a full body PET scan to look for any cancer evidence and it was completely negative showing that he remains CANCER FREE!! His radiation oncologist, though very confident in his work, admits that he is even amazed at the progress that Ted has made. He said it really is a small miracle! Ted owes it to SeaCare. It has added incredible value to his good health and aided his speedy recovery. Ted believes that this product should be given to every cancer patient in the world because if it did so well for him it must be able to do great things for other people as well. 


The doctor reminds us that the tumor was very significant in the back of Ted's throat and now all he can see is healthy tissue. He can't even tell the difference between the left side where the tumor was and the right side that was not affected. He asked Ted if he could use him as a reference for other patients with a similar diagnosis that are wondering which course of treatment to choose. Ted told the Dr. he would be happy to share his story and help in any way that he could. From here he will continue to have CT scans every 3 months and as long as those stay clear he is good. If anything new or irregular shows up on a CT scan they will order another PET scan and the cycle will continue for at least the next year and a half. He continues to look amazing and he says he has never felt better physically. He has been working out like crazy and getting back in shape rebuilding some of the muscle mass that he lost in treatment. We do yoga classes together 2-3 times a week and he continues to ride his bike preparing for next year's CT Challenge. In the meantime, he is enjoying his time off (he is on administrative leave until January) and he has been spending a lot of time coaching his own children for a change of pace and they are loving it.