Tayler - DIPG (Brain Tumor)

Tayler was born in February 2009 a happy healthy little girl - the third of four children. By 18 months old I had noticed some development delays, and after another 6 months in February 2011, 2 weeks after her 2nd birthday, I finally got the MRI she needed. Halfway through the MRI I was called in and we were admitted on the spot and transferred to starship that night. What they found was a brainstem glioma (tumor in the brainstem), which was the reason for her squint, and not being able to walk or talk. We were told no one in the world would risk operating due to its location and there was no point doing chemo as it would only make her sick and wouldn't save her. 


We were offered 7 weeks of radiation which was supposed to prolong her lifespan from 6 weeks to 9 months - with no hope at all.


We took the 7 weeks of radiation which came with steroids, and we were left with a grumpy, fussy little girl who vomited at almost every meal. After lots of research we decided to take her to a clinic in Mexico for 3 weeks.

While planning our trip we got a phone call offering us the chance to try SeaCare - a marine-based dietary supplement. So, in October 2011 we received our first box. We saw a change in her appetite and the vomiting very quickly after starting. At the end of 2011 (10 months after diagnosis) we took her to Mexico where she received intravenous Vitamin C, Poly MVA, Vitamin B17, mistletoe and aloe vera, along with a few other treatments such as Sono-Photo Dynamic therapy and hyperthermia, and we also took SeaCare with us. Since February 2012 Tayler has had no further cancer treatment apart from SeaCare. All MRI scans since have shown the tumor to be stable, and it has not grown at all since her follow up scan in 2011.


A major benefit from SeaCare is that Tayler never gets sick with colds or flu, or other bugs that come into the household even while attending kindergarten 4 days a week. She continues to make steady progress physically and academically, and after being told she would never see 3. I am so excited that she will be starting school in February.


Happy & Healthy at School

31st March 2014 

Tayler has been at school for 5 weeks now, and enjoying every minute, has been on school camp and participating in riding for the disabled.
She is coping really well with full school days 5 days a week and has avoided all the nasty school bugs that have been going around. We are having a scan and check up next month with oncologist.

No Growth at all to the tumor

18th December 2014 

Tayler had a scan in November which showed no change to the tumor so she is still considered stable. Starship has discharged her and she is now down to only having 1 MRI a year. Her balance is improving all the time. She is still taking 2 SeaCare a day. Thought I'd let you see how awesome Tayler's doing :)

Slow but Steady

20th September 2015

Tayler is continuing to make slow but steady progress. Her speech has come a long way and her balance is improving, she has managed 6 steps on her own. She is really enjoying school and making great progress in reading.


Tayler has recently started riding her bike regularly

27th May 2018 

Tayler is doing amazing, doing really well with speech therapy and physiotherapy and has recently started riding her bike regularly and getting really good!!! Health wise she is doing fine and is still taking 2 SeaCare a day.