Sophie - Eyeritis

In 2014 Sophie  was 12 when diagnosed with conjunctivitis by our doctor. A week later, Sophie could not stand any light at all and was wearing sunglasses continually. She was also experiencing sharp pains behind her eyes. I took her to the emergency department where they completed a lot of tests including an hour long MRI. I had to put eye drops (steroids) every 10 minutes into her eyes so she could open them for the doctors to look at. They told me her eyes were very inflamed and she could lose her sight. The doctors  diagnosed her with Eyeritis and put her on some very strong steroids with a lot of side effects. Basically to sum it up she became very fatigued. Sophie would be In bed at 7:00 and still fast asleep 13hrs later. She was putting on weight and becoming a very unhappy child and falling behind in school. I then became sick with ovarian cancer.  A friend introduced me to SeaCare which I have been taking since October 2015. Dave explained to me that SeaCare works on your immune system to make it stronger to fight the illness and suggested SeaCare would benefit Sophie as Eyeritis is an autoimmune disease.  


Eyes are not as sore plus feeling better

8th March 2016

Sophie took her first lot on Friday 26th February. I was impressed with her as it does not taste very nice at all. She told me she was sick of having sore eyes and headaches so was willing to try anything for them to go away. She has been on SeaCare for a week now and already I have noticed a difference. More energy, moods stabilized and she tells me her eyes are not as sore plus she feels good as well. We have an appointment with her specialist in a couple weeks so will be interesting to see what happens.

Sophie’s off her medication

23rd March 2016

We had some great news on Wednesday.  Sophie’s doctor has taken her off her medication for three months to see if what will happen to her eye’s. He was very impressed with the improvement from the previous three months.  He said there was some cells still floating but very little compared to what there was. This is the first time we have had a reduction in medication as normally he increases the dosage.  We walked out with big smiles on our faces, even the receptionist commented on how happy we were.  Sophie continues to take two SeaCare a day. Her eye sight has improved greatly, so much she is playing great netball. I am so pleased I had that conversation with Dave from SeaCare.

Acute appendicitis, released after 3 days

24th May 2016

Sophie is still off her medication and doing great with taking two SeaCare a day. We had a family holiday at the end of March and went to Sydney for 10 days. On the last day Sophie was unwell with severe pain. We went to the hospital where they diagnosed acute appendicitis and operated to remove it. They told us she would be in hospital for approx 4 days as it was not far off Bursting and would not be able to fly for two weeks. I had only taken enough SeaCare to Last for the ten days so we were in a bit of trouble. Thank goodness for Dave. He Couriered SeaCare the next morning enough for Sophie and myself.  Sophie surprised the Doctors and nurses and was released after 3 days and we were allowed to fly within seven days. She recovered fast and I put that down to the SeaCare.

9th August 2016

Sophie is going from strength to strength. She has enrolled in trampoling and indoor netball.  Previously before SeaCare, Sophie had trouble getting through the day let alone completing in any sports. She does not need glasses currently. We are still waiting for a specialist appointment as the one we had booked was cancelled by specialist to attend an emergency operation. Sophie is enjoying life now that she is off her steroids. Long may that carry on.

19th December 2016

Sophie is still doing well on the SeaCare and she is still off her medication and only taking SeaCare. She has gone extremely well with her first year of high school which was definitely not what I was expecting based on the last years of Primary School. Sophie has done well in her grades and continues to do well in sport. We have an appointment scheduled for March with the specialist but based on how well Sophie is going I am not expecting any problems.  She still complains about the taste of SeaCare but she still takes it as she knows it is good for her.  Sophie has also started growing again which is great.  We are off to Sydney for Christmas so looking forward to spending it with family.

10th June 2017

She is now taking  one SeaCare per day.  Her specialist is very pleased with her progress and she is off all other medication which is great.  She is enjoying school and growing well. Her eye sight has not declined  in fact it has improved.

2nd October 2017

Sophie is still going strong and taking one SeaCare daily. We have now hit the teenage years. And Sophie is your typical teenager which is great to see because when she was sick, she would be sleeping while all the other children were playing. She is now making up for lost time. Her eyesight is great and so far had no recurring issues. Still hates the taste of SeaCare but still takes it without me reminding her.