Sonya - High Grade Serous Primary Peritoneal Carcinoma

Hi.  My name is Sonya and I was diagnosed with Stage 3C High Grade Serous Primary Peritoneal Carcinoma in July 2015. I was also diagnosed with the BRCA1 mutation in May 2016. In the months leading up to July 15, I was slowly filling up with fluid in my abdomen and feeling very unwell.  I had been diagnosed with sarcoidosis in 2013 (auto immune disease) and my doctor originally thought it was the sarcoidosis causing the fluid.  I had an hysterectomy and  a cancer debulking  operation in October 2015 and then started six rounds of chemo.

Around this time a mutual friend told me about a friend of hers taking SeaCare and he had said that it was the reason he was still around so I thought I would give it a go.  I also had to have a port inserted,  & attached to my ribs so more chemo could to target  some cancer spots on my bowel they could not get to during the operation due to it being  too close to the blood supply. Having already had chemo after first my operation, having it a 2nd time was easier & I noticed I did not get as many side effects which I put down to taking SeaCare.

I finished chemo 31/12/15 and continued to take two SeaCare per day for the next 12 months. I would visit Dave and he would keep telling me to rest and take it easy. But I felt so good I could not help myself and from Sept 16 to Jan 17, I flew 14 times to Australia and around New Zealand. Early January 17, I quickly felt very unwell again. I had a scan and I was full of fluid. They drained off six litres and I started chemo again. I was so unwell I could not keep anything down especially the SeaCare so I stopped taking it.  By the end of January I could not even get out of bed.  As it turns out, the sarcoid had attacked my lungs and maybe set the cancer off again producing fluid. I was put on steroids and another 5 rounds of chemo which finished 2 weeks ago. The day after Dave contacted me & convinced me to start taking SeaCare again. I am now on 4 SeaCare per day and feeling stronger every day. Dave has given me strict instructions to rest and give my body time to let the SeaCare do its job and this time I will follow his instructions and rest. I am hopeful that maybe six months down the track I can get back into doing things again but at the moment just taking day by day.

I now understand that resting means doing nothing. Just because I feel good does not mean I am better. So I need to rest so the SeaCare can help my immune system fight the cancer. If I had rested I do not think the sarcoidosis and cancer would have come back to cause me problems again.

The doctors have classed me as terminal.  But I am hoping that by taking SeaCare and me resting it will hopefully keep the cancer away. 



Rest is best

5th June 2017

I had a scan earlier on in June.  Oncology were happy with the fluid in my abdomen drying up and also the nodules have reduced in size.  I had some fluid around my lungs which Oncology thought was related to sarcoid but the sarcoid doctor didn't agree.  Between the two departments they decided to drain and test the fluid. I went into hospital last week to have the fluid drained and they couldn't find enough to test – yahoo no needles.

Still taking 4 SeaCare per day and resting as per Dave's instructions. Finding it really hard but concentrating on resting as I know my body needs it to heal.

Feeling stronger every week

2nd October 2017

Have been taking SeaCare four times a day. Feeling stronger every week. My oncology appointment is coming up in the next couple of weeks but hoping that will all go smoothly. Still resting, and that is harder to do than it is to say. Some days when I am feeling great, I think of all the things I would like to do but promised Dave I would rest until the end of the year and then hopefully see how things are going. I must say the rest and feeling better has certainly had a big impact on my outlook so bring on those summer months.

Cancer is Stable

4th November 2017

I had my three monthly check up with Oncology last week.  The latest scan shows the cancer is stable in my abdomen which is great news.  Long may that Last. Still on three monthly check up’s.  Still taking 4 SeaCare a day.