Shane - Bladder Cancer

You hear all sorts of stories about people getting sick with all sorts of problems, like Cancer, but you never think it will happen to you. This happens to other people, to other families......... Well for me and my family, it all started on February 22nd 2013, at around four thirty in the afternoon.

It started out as a fairly normal Friday - get up in the morning and go and finish off a job from the day before, and it's Friday so I plan to knock off early, which I did. Then I decided that I should go out to my club and mow the lawns and do a bit of maintenance and generally fart around a bit, plus, I just enjoy being out there when there is no one else there. It's one of those places that is really peaceful by yourself.

So I finish doing what I had planed to do at the club and came home and looked at my own lawn and thought, well I will be in trouble if I don't mow my own lawn, especially after I just went out and did the club lawn. My wife normally mows our lawn but she was a bit busy this week so I did it . So at about 4:30pm I finished our lawn and needed to go take a wee, so being a normal Aussie Boy, I took myself over to the side of the shed and started to take a wee, well I have never seen so much blood and clots, in fact, I am certain there was no urine, it was just pure blood, needless to say it kind of freaked me out a bit, as I knew there had to be something really serious going on.

So I waited in shock for Amanda to come home and informed her we should go to the hospital and I explained why. Away we went to the emergency department and was diagnosed with hematuria ( blood in the urine ) and told not worry it will clear up, come back if it doesn't. So, three times I came back, and three times I get turned away.

Finally at 2:00am Monday morning I can't pee at all, I'm just dribbling some blood, so I ring an ambulance to take me back. 1 1/2 hours later they come and get me and take me to the hospital with a bit of a bumpy ride that shook my bladder up a bit, so as I went in to emergency I yelled out, "Hey you better get me a bucket". Oops, too late and I let it go on the floor for them. They said "Holy crap that's a lot of blood and clots mate, you must be pretty crook." "You think? I been telling you that for three days." I said. So straight in I go, on the bed a catheter shoved up the old Johnson for fluids to keep the clots moist so they can pass easily.

Two days later I'm in for a cystoscopie . They removed a G3T1-2 tumor from my bladder wall and I'm in the recovery room just starting to come down of the anesthetic when doctor death and his sidekick Igor came in to tell me what's what, in the surgeons exact words, "Hello, you had a very bad, aggressive tumor in your bladder, I haven't seen one as bad for a long time if I don't give you a radical cysectomy you will die from your cancer." Not being quite over the drugs they gave me, I ask how could he be sure as he wouldn't have had time to even get the pathology results back yet. He promptly told me, he knew what he was looking at, and didn't need a pathologist.

At this point, I decide it is time to get a second opinion. I made arrangements to go to Brisbane and see another Specialist instead of letting these guys cut me up and turn me into a vegetable. It took me 3 months to get to the next doctor, who did another cystoscopie, this time it showed only a low grade superficial tumor. So they said we will try BCG therapy, it probably won't work but we will give it a go. Thanks for the confidence, I thought.....

While I was waiting for the second opinion, I decided to do everything that I could for myself as well, I looked at every alternate therapy I could find, diet, exercise, and natural remedies. I decided to employ, pretty well anything someone said had an effect on cancer, from pawpaw leaf tea, soursop leaf tea, colloidal silver and a range of vitamins. Last, but not least, and definitely one of the Generals in my cancer fighting army, I got on to SeaCare.

This is a product made from various ingredients from the Pacific Ocean, Bech de Mere, seaweeds and so forth. I have known about this product for many years, in fact, it is produced by my family, my Grandfather acquired the recipe in the Torris Straits, at the very tip of Australia many years ago. My Granddad had brought the family to Cape York to escape the rat race and to see out his last days, because he had been diagnosed with an aggressive Stomach Cancer. Granddad's friend taught him how to prepare the Bech de Mere and the other ingredients and take it. I'm not sure how old Grandad was at that time but this was in 1963, I'm 50 now and was born on Thursday Island. Grandad passed away in 2009. He was 89 - died of Natural Causes and maybe a Broken heart, as Grandma died about a year before him. They were married for over 65 years, but he died with no sign of cancer in him - what else could it be? So that's why I say SeaCare is one of the generals in my cancer fighting army.


So after several cystoscopies and biopsies and cytology checks regularly, I am now starting to have benign results come back . Not only do I think SeaCare is helping to rid my body of cancer, but I feel fantastic, as well. I just having a total feeling of wellbeing. I have more energy, I'm less moody, less tired and I truly think SeaCare is responsible for my wellbeing and my current Quality of Life. It doesn't hurt to have a positive outlook as well, I often wonder about the Australian Aboriginals when they use to point the bone at people, and a week later, those people would die. Its a bit like an over zealous surgeon telling you that there is not much he can do for you and you only have six weeks to live, it seems so many people get to the six week mark and drop dead. Well thankfully I don't listen to that sort of talk, and I don't plan on letting that happen to me, only God and myself will decide when my time is up.

So, after a six week intense dosage of BCG therapy (tuberculosis bacteria instilled directly into the bladder via a catheter ) and my daily routine of SeaCare and a positive mental attitude, I think I am on the track to recovery. I have become very passionate about life, and know that I have a long way to go. I know I will have ups and downs, but I know I will beat this. 


I am not involved in the family business, but have become more interested because of SeaCare. They get a lot of flack from Doctors and others who only think that Drugs with their harsh side effects are the only way to beat Cancer. I am not saying that the Current Drug Treatments don't work, but I want to help people understand and realize, that there are Alternatives, Natural Treatments that DO work.

SeaCare is not the only treatment, and I am not saying it will help everyone, but it has helped me, and many others I have spoken with, and if you have Cancer you need to know all the options, remember, this is YOUR life, and you don't get a second chance......

Shane's 3 monthly check

3rd June 2014

So I have just been back to hospital for my 3 monthly check and the good news is the camera didn't find any cancers and my cytology (urine), and didn't have any malignant cells in it. We decided to go ahead with a three week maintenance dose BCG therapy just in case there are any micro cells hiding in the layers of my bladder which is easy for them to say, its like having a bladder infection times 50 and a bit like weeing lava coated barbed wire for a few days and then you go and have another round and do it all again .

So I have been taking my SeaCare daily as prescribed and I honestly think that if it wasn't for SeaCare I would probably have had all of my body parts removed and thrown in the bin and I would be sporting a urostomy bag for the rest of my life and life would be very different .

So I thank you SeaCare for giving me the chance and the help to heal my self. SeaCare - you rock. I love you.


Thanks for listening.

Cheers, Shane.