Rose - Breast Cancer

My name is Rose Gauthier. I am 73 years old female residing in Westchester County, NY. I am a two‐time cancer survivor with the BRCA‐1 gene. My story begins in September of 2006 when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer. A subsequent lumpectomy was performed to remove the cancerous tumor that I had developed. In the summer of 2011 my cancer spread and I was told I had Primary Peretoneal Cancer, a form of ovarian cancer. The doctors attempted to remove my tumors but instead opened and closed me right back up after seeing the size and scope of my cancerous mass. They said my cancer was at the stage where it was inoperable and I had but six months of life left.

I immediately transferred to Memorial Sloan Kettering and was brought in to meet a new team of physicians. Working with the professionals down at MSKCC my diagnosis was much improved as the Doctors “in charge” disputed the previous findings and said my cancer was indeed “operable” and my chance for survival beyond the previous predicted six months life span was good.

In parallel, it became clear to me that I needed additional help (beyond tumor removal) to extend my life and aid my immune system in the fight against the disease. It was at this time, and during this search for answers, that I found out about SeaCare. I met with several people taking the ocean-based “paste” and their stories were miraculous. Like me, they were fighting cancer and each of them had been given weeks or months to live by their respective doctors. All of them were doing well… and living healthy &  productive lives well beyond their predicted demise. It became clear to me after speaking and meeting with them that their prescribed cancer regimen(s) plus the addition of SeaCare into the mix was helping their immune system fight both the ravages of chemotherapy treatments and the disease itself.

I began immediately began taking SeaCare in conjunction with my post-­operative cancer treatments (two 12 week treatments of chemotherapy prescribed). As the weeks went by the MSKCC doctors were amazed as I was showing no side effects from the chemotherapy treatments. On January 7th, 2012, I had an operation in NYC to remove the tumors. Within an hour of the operation ending the Doctors informed my family that I was cancer free. This was a miracle in my eyes, considering my earlier diagnosis.

Asked for My Secret

12th March 2014 - Update

The doctors monitoring my case asked me “for my secret”. I told them about SeaCare and they said they had recently heard about trials being conducted at two other NYC based health systems (NYU Medical and Mount Sinai). They advised me to continue to “do whatever it is you are doing”. As of today (March of 2014) I remain cancer free and continue to take my SeaCare doses daily.