Rickie - Brain Tumor

It has been a wild year! From diagnosis to treatment to everything in-between and after.

I will never forget that day when the doctor told me I had cancer. It was the worst thing I have ever had to hear and the fear it brought to us as a family was terrifying. Thankfully I was able to receive treatment to help me fight this terrible disease. Although it took some of my hair, it never took my hope. One thing I learned is that if you let it, fear will rule your life. I’m not going to act like it was easy because it wasn’t.


This is my story.

I was diagnosed with a right frontal brain tumor on the 1st October 2012 following a double seizure at home. After additional blood work, CT-head scan and subsequent MRI it was determined that I had a lesion in the right frontal lobe region requiring further investigations into the nature of the lesion. The MRI showed a poorly defined approximately 3cm mass in the right lobe with associated edema highly suggestive of a tumor. My condition was discussed and plans made to proceed with a debulking/excision surgery on the 3/10/12.  I had spent the previous twelve months having many different tests done to determine why I was having excessive night sweats under general medicine. I had also had a Melanoma excised from right shoulder seven years ago. Doctors didn't seem to think the sweats were serious as nothing unusual found in general blood work, recent CT-chest/abdomen and pelvis and an USS scan in 2009 did not show any abnormality.  

After the surgery was performed, the doctor came back soon after to tell us that I had a brain tumor. He then explained that I also had a kind that was malignant and of high grade.  I will never forget that day when the doctor told me I had cancer. It was the worst thing I have ever had to hear and a huge shock to us all.  But after several tears and the initial shock, I remember thinking that I wanted to stay positive for my family and my kids.

My friends and family were supportive right from the start and helped me stay strong. My husband stepped outside of himself to love me beyond words my two beautiful kids whose simple presence oozed with life and love gave me a reason to wake up and get on with each day. I couldn’t have done this without all their encouraging words, prayers and support over the last 18 months.  

After some urgent medical discussions with doctors a few weeks later it was decided that a second surgery (which was very extensive) was required. The surgeons were awesome though. After the results came back, discussions followed. During the summer, I had to deal with discussions of radiation treatments since clear margins weren't achieved everywhere during surgery, so I had microscopic cells left behind. We understood that radiation doesn't really help with some Astrocytoma tumors, but it might be successful with microscopic cells. This confirmed that we had to try radiation in that perhaps it could stop other cells from growing.

In early February 2013 after the kids returned to school, I started my radiation treatments. I had 6 weeks of treatment, every day from Monday through Friday. The process wasn't that difficult. Each treatment only took 6 or 7 minutes, but there was a little setup needed. I wasn’t that tired and just took a nap when I got home from radiation if I needed to. One lucky thing for me was that there was always a different person taking me to radiation so I went to lunch a lot after radiation treatments!

In October 2012 while we waited for radiation we started looking for natural alternative complementary cancer treatments along with conventional treatments.  That’s when we found SeaCare which according to studies contained only natural ingredients, and was said to have immense healing properties, no known side effects and no interactions with existing medications or toxins. The nutraceutical product is a blend of sea cucumber, sea urchin, sea sponge, and sargassum (free-floating seaweed). SeaCare is a clinically tested immune booster and contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It has a jelly-like consistency and contains protein enzyme, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. The product has been commercially available since 1981 and has been used for treating various cancers without any reported toxicity. It has been shown to possess anti-tumor properties, including direct tumor toxicity and anti-angiogenesis (a process that disrupts new blood vessel formation). It is believed to be effective in inducing cell growth inhibition.

This was just what we had been looking for. After much research and meeting the distributor, he encouraged me to start taking it to help the immune system and increase energy levels while on radiation, so that helped with our decision too. Many people had said it helped put their cancer in remission, and the ingredients were being studied in a few FDA trials. I started taking SeaCare in early October 2012. We both think that this supplement did help with my energy during radiation and people were so shocked that I was finishing with radiation and still able to do everything that was planned with the kids. I looked and felt amazing.  

In early May 2013, I had another MRI scan there wasn't anything else on the right side of frontal lobe where the tumor had been removed. So it looks like the radiation did help! (Maybe the SeaCare helped too.)

End May 2013, we talked to the Oncologist and he decided that I didn't need any scans until mid-November 2013. It was a huge relief. My Husband and I were so excited. Now we can plan for a summer holiday overseas without worry of test results. He was supportive of the idea, so we left his office with big smiles on our faces- well actually not knowing if we should laugh or cry!  So cry we did out of relief.

End November 2013 The scan was done. I was so nervous because I didn't want to have surgery again before Christmas like in 2012. We received great news - no progression of cancer- we were very happy! I got the ‘okay’ to go back to work and to drive the next scan will be in May 2014.  The best Christmas present ever!

Today nearly two years down the track I know that my good reports are due to my positivity, and the SeaCare supplement that I am taking twice a day. My view on life and love has been changed forever and I am now in a place where everyday matters more than any other day. 

Please keep me in your prayers. Thank you

Changed Forever

8th March 2014 - Update

Today nearly two years down the track I know that my good reports are due to my positivity, and the SeaCare supplement that I am taking twice a day. My view on life and love has been changed forever and I am now in a place where everyday matters more than any other day. 

Please keep me in your prayers. Thank you

I have Energy and Feel Great

12th May 2014 - Update

I am awaiting a scan a neurosurgical and oncology follow-up appointment in June. I have been on SeaCare (sea cucumber) for nearly two years now and cannot tell you enough how much it has done for me. I have energy and feel great. I take 2-3 a day depending on my schedule with study etc. (yes I am even studying again – part time 3-4 days a week completing my Master of nursing –and you know how much energy that takes). I am driving and busy with the kids and all their school activities. I have recommended SeaCare to several others who are also reaping the fantastic benefits of this wonderful natural alternative. I am so grateful I found it! I will keep you posted with the scan results in a month!

My MRI Scan Was Clear!

24th June 2014 - Update

My MRI scan was clear! The Oncologist doesn’t want to see me for a whole year and my next scan is re-scheduled for 7 months time. Since I started taking SeaCare twice a day, two years ago I find that I have so much energy that some days I have more than I know what to do with. I look great and feel great too. I would never want to be without it. I would recommend SeaCare to anyone who has a lack of energy as it has helped me tremendously. I have now handed in my dissertation and counting down the last few months of my Masters to graduation.


I'm So Healthy Nothing Can Stop Me!

12th July 2015 - Update

Yet another clear scan in June.  I am now on yearly scans and the Neurologist was so impressed he discontinued my Epilum. Life is super busy now that I am working four days a week but I still have plenty of energy to  cope with the busy demands of been a mother and studying. The results speak for themselves, the effect SeaCare has had on my cancer and my energy levels is remarkable! Let’s face it SeaCare has improved my immunity and my quality of life! 

Five Years Cancer Free

28th October 2017 - Update

This is so exciting! I am now five years cancer free with no changes on my MRI scans and unremarkable laboratory results. It’s hard to believe that five years ago I read about the interesting features of Sea Cucumber and its Cancer fighting properties. I am back working full time and have a good immune system. Without a doubt SeaCare has enhanced my quality of life. Roll on Christmas and 2019.