Peter - Chronic Myeloid Leukemia

My name is Peter Thrupp. I came into this world in January 1954 in a very small town in Western Queensland.

By age 10 I was chopping a tonne of wood per week and doing odd jobs for a couple of local hotels in order to earn pocket money.  I left school at age 15 and went on to work in a variety of manual jobs and had grown up in the "school of hard knocks".

In my early 20s I started working in the roofing industry and did an apprenticeship in roof tiling.  I eventually started my own roofing business at age 26/27 and not long afterward I met my amazing wife Julie and we were married in 1983.

In late 1985 we had our first daughter and went on to produce 3 more by late 1990(no twins!!). We now have 4 truly beautiful girls of whom we are immensely proud and 2 gorgeous grandsons, with prospects of more!

In December 1996 at age 42 our lives changed dramatically when I had a fall from a ladder inside a large factory whilst inspecting the job site to verify a safe working environment for my men at the time.  Initial X-rays showed no damage, which turned out to be far from the truth.

After several weeks a subsequent X-ray revealed that the front part of my left heel had been cracked off. Expert specialists called it a "walking fracture" and advised no treatment required!

After 3 months I had surgery to remove a huge lipoma from the top of my left buttock, caused by the fall as my leg would go numb whilst walking on roofs.  The cracked heel had to be removed 2 months later as it did not heal correctly as the "experts" suggested!  From this surgery I contracted "Golden Staph" in the wound as the surgeon left it dressed from surgery(without any redressing or cleaning) for 2 weeks while he was in USA for a conference.  After the surgeons nurse unwrapped the bandage the wound site was completely black!!  This is where the rot set in!!! Oral antibiotics did not fix the problem and over the next few years the infection continued and I averaged a 3 week hospital stay every 3 months while they continued to shave sections of bone from my heel that were infected.

After blood tests and IVs too numerous to mention my veins were non-viable so any further IV treatment had to be via a main line drip directly into my heart.  Each hospital admission I was treated with the top 3 drugs for infection available at the time..Genctamyacin, Vanctamyacin  and Flagyll.

Of course each time the infection reappeared (Osteomyelitis) a bone scan had to be done to verify where the infection was. At one point they were considering removing my leg below the knee but further very involved and exhaustive tests isolated the infection back in the heel... thankfully.

After having approximately 12 bone scans in a 3 year period I was eventually diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) in 2001.

Initial treatment involved "Interferon" which made me so physically ill that I lost 30kg in 3 months.  I could not even keep water down!  Eventually my Hematologist decided to include me at the end of the trial of a new drug called Glivec (ST571). This was a little less severe on my system and over time brought the percentage of "rogue cells" from 98% down to 64% but had some other nasty side effects as do most drugs.

In 2004 we happened to see a story on Ray Martins "Today Tonight" show featuring SeaCare and were so impressed we tried immediately to phone the lady in Townsville who was featured on the program. 

Phones were running hot but eventually we got through to her and immediately ordered some product. Although the recommended dose was 2 serves x 20ml per day, I decided that I really wanted to get on top of this horrible disease, so initially I started taking 6 x 20ml per day. (More is better, right!!) Then after a couple of months I dropped it down to 4 serves per day and each blood test I had for the specialist showed major improvement and I was experiencing less severe side effects from the drug (Glivec). 

I continued to take 3 serves of SeaCare per day for the next few months and it was only a matter of about 6-8months before I achieved remission from the Leukemia using SeaCare daily in conjunction with Glivec. As the specialist was congratulating himself on my success I assured him that it was the SeaCare that had achieved it as Glivec alone had only managed to get me to 64%. 

His comment..."WHAT...that witch doctor's brew?" 

So I set out to prove my point.  I stopped taking SeaCare from then until my next appointment with him(approx. 2 months) and guess what… the Leukemia was back out of remission!


So back on the SeaCare again and after a couple of months I was back in remission.  Even though the SeaCare helped ease the side effects of the Glivec it obviously didn't remove them entirely, so I went off Glivec for a couple of months and took only SeaCare (2per day).

Unfortunately my family and I were experiencing a huge amount of stress at the time brought about from a number of issues, I went off the SeaCare.

In late 2006 I started experiencing severe headaches that just did not respond to any analgesics or narcotics so my specialist ordered an MRI of the brain, which revealed a very large pituitary tumour, which was subsequently removed via my nose in November 2006.

I recovered very well from this surgery as my wife and I were able to take a trip to the USA in February 2007 which we had been planning for some time. (Unfortunately this trip had to be cut short because of a fall Julie had in Vancouver 2 weeks in… severely breaking her thumb and we had to return to Australia for surgery!!)

After the successful brain surgery I was again back on SeaCare (3-4per day) and Glivec together and a small reduction of the stress and within 12 months I was in full cytogenetic remission (no trace of Leukemia found in my cells). I have continued to take 2-3 SeaCare per day and my current specialist has adjusted the Glivec to a very low dose.

Occasionally if I experience any large amounts of stress my blood tests will be affected but all in all my new doctor is happy with the current regime and eventually I hope to be taken off the Glivec in order to be free of the side effects completely. 

But I can assure you I will never again stop taking SeaCare.  I continue to take 2 per day and intend to do so for the rest of my life.


I was diagnosed with CML at age 46 and told by doctors I had only 3-5 years to live if I did not respond well to their treatment. I have just turned 60 years old and have been blessed to see 2 of my daughters married and have 2 beautiful grandsons with another grandchild on the way.

I am so incredibly grateful that we saw that Today Tonight program and that Sam Grant has continued to produce SeaCare even though I am sure he has faced a great many obstacles in his quest to do so in order to help people like myself.
I can honestly say that SeaCare has played a major part in saving my life.