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Patty - Lung Cancer

Patty was diagnosed with a malignant lung tumor that had metastasized to her brain and formed a small inoperable tumor. As a result, she was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer, which has a very statistically poor survival rate. Luckily, with a relatively new non-invasive procedure called Cyberknife, the doctors were able to kill the brain tumor and Patty underwent a full round of Chemotherapy.


Patty started taking SeaCare in November of 2008 and has been taking it daily (two a day) ever since. She also has been on a high alkaline diet with absolutely no sugar allowed. She went through the entire chemo process (heavy doses every three weeks) with virtually no side effects and was even able to do three mile runs four times a week the entire time. Additionally, the lung tumor shrunk about 25% and thew were able to remove it with surgery in early February 2009. After the surgery, the doctors did further scans and tests to see the status of the cancer and, amazingly, they found no evidence of any cancer remaining. That does not mean that she is cancer-free since cancerous micro cells could still be present in her body and she is currently undergoing another adjunctive round of chemo to attempt to kill off any remaining cancerous micro cells.  

We believe that Patty's remarkable results are, in major part, due to the SeaCare and would not have been achievalbe without SeaCare. As far as we are concerned, she will continue on it for the rest of her life. While we also believe that the high alkaline diet (studies show that cancer needs sugar to grow and an acidic environment in the body) is also important in fighting cancer, the SeaCare's ability to bolster her immune system and attack the cancer has made a major difference from the diet alone. 

Aside from the astonishing physical results for Patty to date, on a deep and important emotional leve, the SeaCare has give her (and me) a cautious, but strong, hope and optimism that she will be a long term survivor. She wants to be an inspiration to others who are not aware of the power of attitutde, diet, and perhaps most importantly, SeaCare.