Nicole - Sporadic Medullary Thyroid Cancer

Nicole started taking SeaCare in September 2010, right before she started radiation treatments on the right side of her neck.

Nicole was diagnosed with Sporadic Medullary Thyroid Cancer at age 17 in April 2010. When she had extensive surgery in May 2010, our surgeons at Johns Hopkins found that the cancer had spread well beyond what they had expected. Seeing that, our doctors were worried that the cancer was more aggressive. Sporadic MTC is a rare form of thyroid cancer that only about 5% of people get, and it's more rare with children. up until April 2011, there wasn't even a treatment drug to help this disease (in April 2011, the FDA approved a chemo drug).

In September 2010, we had received results from a PET scan that were very worrisome. At that point, with even a question if radiation would help, we decided to order our first batch of SeaCare. Throughout the 6 weeks of radiation treatment, Nicole did not get sick or miss more than 1 day of her senior year classes. The oncologist was happily surprised. We decided to keep going with SeaCare for at least 6 months. In the winter/spring of 2011, scan results kept coming back stable with no new growths (just a few suspicious nodes).

In July 2011, Nicole had a large series of scans. When those results came in, her Hopkins specialist (one of the world renowned experts on this specific disease) said that he was shocked at how great she was doing. He highlighted that one of the suspicious nodes in the mediastinum area had actually shrunk! He had no explanation for that and was very happy to support Nicole’s desire to go to college away from home. Her next batch of scans is in December 2011, and we expect to receive good news once again.


We just returned from a doctor visit at Hopkins to receive her latest results of scans (since July). They came out great. The doctor was surprised once again. No new cancer, still a few small spots but very small and still not totally sure if they are cancer, and one spot that had been watched since September 2010 that was in a dangerous area in the neck now has shrunk so the doctor says it’s not cancer. We are all so happy. I did tell him that Nicole is still taking SeaCare. He didn’t really respond – haha – but we know it is helping!

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