Neville - Melanoma

My name is Neville, I live in Te Puke in New Zealand. February nine years ago I had my right eye removed because there was a melanoma in the back of it.

In June of the same year I went for a holiday to Vanuatu and the information booklet in the plane had an article about the benefits of SeaCare and that the manufacturer was living there. I couldn’t find the SeaCare for sale in any of the shops but luckily a friend was living in Vanuatu and knew exactly who I wanted to see, promptly phoned Sam and set up a meeting.

Sam told me the story about his Father so I decided I would try this SeaCare out.  Sam bought it to the plane at 4:30 in the morning and I have been taking it ever since.

Six monthly visits to my specialist for checkups have shown that everything is healthy and these visits have now gone to every two years.

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