Mike - Prostate Cancer

This letter is about me and SeaCare.

I know my body. I have not eaten meat since January, 2011 when I was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer (Non-Invasive) but high grade. I also eat a lot of organic foods; very careful. What I am going to tell you is not a coincidence; my opinion true; but I follow my body.

I started taking SeaCare on February 21,2013.

I had my scheduled 3-4 month cancer exam on March 1.

For the first time (except; the first one) l was entirely clean-nothing there.  

Then my Doctor, who is nationally recognized, did a PSA as I had a prostate biopsy a year ago, which was negative.

I was nervous awaiting the results as I was not emptying my bladder completely (almost completely) and that elevates PSA levels.

The doctor called yesterday and I jumped at him asking him how I was in my unique way of asking which I won't put in writing.

I had the lowest PSA In my life. I am 68. A point 3 (0.3). I always was at a 2. I know it was due to the SeaCare supplement, even in this short time. I would bet on it.

So there is my first experience. It took me 2 years after first learning about the supplement to start taking it. I got sick of getting nervously sick before my cancer exams and decided to get pro-active and do something for myself.

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