Maxine - Breast Cancer

Hi my name is Maxine Wekepiri and in January of 2012 I noticed a hard ( pea sized lump ) in my right breast, a mammogram was organized and this confirmed an abnormal mass, from there the next few weeks were a whirlwind of tests, hospital and specialist appointments.
On February 7th 2012 I underwent a mastectomy of my right breast and a sentinel node biopsy. The results were a grade 2 ER/PR positive, HER - 2 negative invasive ductal carcinoma. A few weeks later my husband Tama and I meet with oncology team at Christchurch Public Hospital, the meeting went well and they assured us that my cancer was minimal risk and were confidant that no further treatment was required. My husband and I didn't feel comfortable with this and the decision was made to undergo a four month course of chemotherapy, the treatment was hideous (that's the only word to describe it), nausea, fatigue, body aches to name a few side effects. I completed the course in June 2012 and was discharged from the oncology department feeling confidant that I had a long healthy future ahead of me.

September 2013 started to notice a niggle around my left rib cage, the niggle turned to pain (felt like cracked ribs) a GP appointment was inconclusive and following two weeks of antibiotics for suspected pleurisy with the pain still persisting a bone scan was ordered.
The beginning of November 2013 is when I received the results of the bone scan which had indicated a hot spot on my 5th rib which was almost certain to be cancer - and here the nightmare begins.
In mid November 2013 an appointment was made to meet with oncology services at Christchurch Public Hospital. Tama and I meet with the team only to be given the worst news possible, I was told I had stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer and there was no cure. We left the hospital completely stunned.
After a few days of feeling completely devastated we pulled ourselves together and thought this can't be it - there has to be other options out there.
The Internet is an amazing tool so we set to work researching alternative options for my stage of cancer - the options were endless and overwhelming. As wonderful as the Internet is sometimes you just can't beat word and mouth as we have found out.
Through friends of friends we have been introduced to SeaCare. We first made contact with Dave (who is the distributor for SeaCare in Christchurch) on the morning of 29/11/13. By that afternoon Dave was sitting in our kitchen watching me have my first shot of SeaCare. I can honestly say that it is pretty awful tasting, I now combine it with carrot juice to try and disguise the taste!
I started taking two capsules of SeaCare daily - one in the morning one at night - by the third day I noticed a change in my energy levels (leaping out of bed) and increased appetite, all of these benefits whilst receiving daily radiation treatment!!
As of today (12/12/13) I have been taking SeaCare for two weeks and I feel amazing, loads of energy and a fantastic appetite, also sleeping more soundly.
Dave has been wonderful right from his initial contact with us, educating us about SeaCare and keeping in regular contact with us.
I will keep you updated on my progress ...




Happy new year!!

10th March 2014

Hi Maxine here, I just wanted to update you on my progress.

I have been taking SeaCare for five weeks now (two capsules daily morning and night) and my energy level has increased, feel as though I have more body strength and a very healthy appetite, also noticed my hair and nails are healthier.

I had an appointment with my oncologist today and he couldn't get over how well I looked, friends and family have also commented on this.

My next bone scan is in two months time ...... that will be interesting .

Will keep you posted.

Tijuana, SeaCare and no more signs of tumors or bone metastasis

17th March 2014

Hi all here is my latest update.

Well it's been a whirlwind few months, in mid December my Husband Tama and I made the decision to head to Mexico to receive treatment at an alternative cancer clinic, SeaCare has proven to be very beneficial to my health but we felt we had to cover all of our bases to give me the best possible out come.

On the 10th January 2014 my Husband and I along with my sister bordered a flight for the U.S.A, I can tell you I was feeling very anxious, but knowing I would regret it if I didn't give it a go.

On arrival at the Immunity Therapy Clinic in Tijuana we were meet by Dr Bautista. Our initial consultation was very informative and we had a really good feeling about the treatment plan out lined for me which included B17 vitamin, Bicarbonate soda, Stem cell therapy and a range of heating techniques. Dr Bautista commented on how well I looked, I was to hear this often at the clinic as patients and their supporters would comment on how healthy I looked, I truly believe that SeaCare had a big part to play in this, not only looking well but feeling energized. The treatment course is very intense and I was pleased that I had good energy levels going into it.

I attended the clinic for a total of six weeks, during the fifth week of treatment an appointment was made for a bone scan the results we received the following day were absolutely amazing, the tumours that I had on the bone were gone and there was no more sign of bone metastasis, now I don't know if it was the SeaCare or the treatment I received at the clinic or a combination of both, whatever it was it worked!! What this means for me is I still have stage 4 cancer, if I can keep it from spreading back to the bone I have a chance in five years to go into remission.

I had given both Dr Bautista and a nutritionist who works along side the doctor all the information regarding SeaCare and they were in agreement that it is a great supplement and I should continue to take it.

We have been home for three weeks now and I'm feeling fantastic, and happy to be taking my SeaCare twice a day.

Until next time ..............


Whatever your doing keep on doing it

12th May 2014

Hi folks here is the latest,

Two weeks ago I had a bone scan at Christchurch Public Hospital, I can tell you it was an anxious wait for the results as I have had a little bit of pain creeping back in. The alarm bells went off when days later a nurse from my local surgery called to make an appointment for me to see my GP. Tama and I managed to see her that afternoon, and with as much care as possible told us that the bone scan from Mexico was false and that I still had two tumors on my ribs. Initially after hearing this I was so disappointed thinking that Mexico had been a complete waste of time.

My GP spent another half an hour explaining the results to us which in the end were pretty good.
In comparison to my first scan in November 2013 the results from this one showed that one of the tumors had shrunk and the other had stayed the same, but the best news of all is there was no progression which is a win for us!

My Doctor said "whatever your doing keep on doing it" and I know what that is - my twice daily shots of SeaCare!

Catch you all soon

Feeling energized

3rd July 2014

Hi All,

Just a brief update.............
Dave has just been around to drop off another months supply of SeaCare, I can tell you the taste doesn't get any better! All going well, feeling energized and have also gained a bit of weight (yay).. Getting through the winter months with out even a hint of a sniffle (everyone around me have had colds etc), got to be that little brown shot - I'm sure. Friends and family still can't get over how well I'm doing, I know that SeaCare plays a big part in this.

Keep warm - until next time


I had a CT scan last week with great results

4th August 2014

Well good news....... I had a CT scan last week with great results, no progression so relieved! The oncology team think I'm doing marvelously well and have said whatever I'm doing keep on doing it, and I know what that is my twice daily shot of SeaCare. Along with having gained a bit of weight I'm feeling energized, there are always comments on how healthy and well I'm looking which I know is a reflection of what goes into my body...........

Until the next update

Still no sign of any progression of my cancer

24th September 2014

Howdy folks,

Here's the latest .......

I recently had a bone scan with good results .... Still no sign of any progression!! That's another win for us. I have noticed that my pain has subsided to the point where there are days when I'm completely pain free which is amazing. My oncology team are very pleased with my results considering I'm a terminal patient who should be on the down hill slide, there is no doubt in my mind that my twice daily shots of SeaCare have contributed to keeping the cancer at bay. I attend an alternative clinic where patients and staff alike are always commenting on how well I'm looking and are keen to learn more about SeaCare.

So nice to see the sun, roll on summer!


Feeling energized and healthier than ever

6th November 2014

Just an update I'm doing super well, feeling energized and healthier than ever. The latest oncology appointment went well, the team are very happy with how well I'm doing ( I know its the SeaCare)!!! Always getting comments on how well I'm looking. Until next time .........


Last update for the year

30th December 2014

Last update for the year and what a year it has been! Feel like I have come along way since my initial diagnoses, having researched and found SeaCare has given me so much hope. I'm feeling better than ever, looking healthy and have even gained some weight. I still have my oncology team baffled they can't believe how well I'm doing ( I know it comes down to my daily in take of SeaCare).

Merry Christmas, catch you in the new year..... Maxine


Christmas break and I'm feeling amazing!

29th January 2015

Just back from a fantastic Christmas break and I'm feeling amazing! Have my first oncology appointment for the year coming up, I'm sure the team will be pleased with me as I look and feel great, thanks to SeaCare I'm sure.

Maxine :-)


No progression of cancer!

3rd June 2015

It's been a year since my last CT Scan so my oncology team thought it best to have another test done to see how things were looking. I had been experiencing some pain on my right rib cage ( the same side as my mastectomy ) so I was keen to get the testing done. Results are in and it's all good news, NO PROGRESSION and the existing tumours have stayed the same size, the doctors are putting my pain down to nerve damage - I will run with that!

I continue to take my SeaCare twice a day.

Bye for now


Results from recent tests

27th September 2015

Hi there still feeling well and energized. Have just been away on holiday - easy to take my SeaCare with me. The holiday was pretty full on and not once did I feel tired - put that down to my little secret (SeaCare)!

Have just received results from a recent bone scan - all good no progression!

Until next time .........

The latest bone scan showed no progression

22nd November 2015

Well it's been 2yrs since I received the terrible terminal diagnosis and I can honestly say that I feel better than ever with high energy levels and a good appetite. The latest bone scan showed no progression, the oncology team a scratching there heads as to why I'm doing so well, I know that my little secret (SeaCare) plays a big part in my well being.

Have a fantastic Christmas, catch you in the new year.

Cheers Maxine

Happy New Year!

28th January 2016

Just back from a fantastic Christmas break and I'm feeling amazing! Have my first oncology appointment for the year coming up, I'm sure the team will be pleased with me as I look and feel great, thanks to SeaCare I'm sure.

No aches or pains which is always a positive

18th May 2016

Hi All,

Thought it was about time I did an update! I'm doing well, no aches or pains which is always a positive. Had an oncology appointment this week they suggested that I have a bone scan purely for the reason that I haven't had one for a while and also peace of mind ........ will let you know the outcome.

Until then

Managed to keep the cancer at bay

22nd June 2016

Hi All, results in - no progression!! It's now been two and a half years since the terminal diagnosis and have managed to keep the cancer at bay. Go me and go SeaCare!!

Doesn't take long to bounce back

18th September 2016

Hi All, Well winter hasn't been kind! I have struggled with my health having ongoing chest and lung infections, having said this I'm on the up again doesn't take long to bounce back I put this down to my twice daily shots (SeaCare). Bring on the warm weather! Until next time .......

It's been three years now

8th February 2017

Happy New Year!

Yes, starting the year off feeling happy and healthy. Had a bone and CT scan in December of last year both with good reports no progression. It's been three years now since I started on SeaCare which I'm sure is helping to keep the cancer at bay and also keeping me well.

Bye for now

Still feeling fit and healthy

16th May 2017

Hello again,

It's great to be alive! So enjoying walking my wee dog on these sunny winter days. Still feeling fit and healthy, put this down to a combination of a
healthy diet and my SeaCare. Oncologist appointment scheduled for the end of the month and I'm confident they won't want to see me for another six months.

Keep Warm!

Oncology appointment confirmed no progression Yay!

10th September 2017

Hi All,

Well that's winter done and dusted, roll on the warm weather! Had a routine MIR scan last month and my oncology appointment yesterday confirmed no progression - yay! It's been four years since my initial terminal diagnosis and I'm still managing to keep the horrible disease at bay. The specialists are pleased with how I'm keeping and are happy to move my next appointment out to six months.

Bye for now.

Another good update!

27th May 2018

And yes another good update! Latest scan still showing no signs of progression and oncology doctors now only wanting to see me annually, couldn’t be happier!

Still feeling healthy and energized, also maintaining a very busy social life.

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