Lucky - Lung Cancer

My name is Lucky Taiepa. On April 28, 2016 I was diagnosed with Lung Cancer at Christchurch Hospital. Surgical extraction of the cancer was not an option for me. Instead Radiation and Chemotherapy was offered. I declined the Chemo treatment due to the side effects I had witnessed in family members and friends and I didnt know enough about radiation to make a decision on it at the time. I recently lost a 16 year old Granddaughter to Melanoma and in the last weeks of her life she was introduced to SeaCare. This seemed to make a difference, but she just did not have enough time on her side. 

I started taking it in early May and so far so good. I feel fine and have no side effects. However after discussing Radiation with the doctors and with an overwhelming sense of uncertainty, fear, anger, denial and frustration I have decided to give that a go too. I have just started radiation in early July and so far no side effects. 


20th July 2016

I am still taking SeaCare twice a day which has maybe helped me cope with the radiation. 

14th September 2016

Today was my last day of radiation treatment. There were 30 sessions in total over a 6 week period from 26/6/16 to to 9/8/16. I believe if I had hadn’t  started TBL 12 prior to radiation treatment, things may have been different. I must say that I have not really noticed any of expected side effects like ; Tiredness, Fatique, Nausea, Dizziness, loss of body weight, vomiting, coughing up blood or Mucas colour change. Of course there have been times when I really want to sleep, but I always awake revitalised. Doctors have told me unless something happens before the next assessment I am to take it easy until I see them next time around Christmas.

17th February 2017

Feeling great. Thinking seriously about walking the length of NZ with a mate who is doing it at the end of the year. 

Have not really noticed any of expected side effects

27th May 2017

Everythings fine, no changes and still taking TBL 12

Thinking seriously about walking the length of NZ

12th November 2017

This is  a brief update on how I have been since my last update. It has been a little bit of a see saw time for me. I have lost 2 family members who were relatively young, (40 something) and an unborn baby. Having been off the TBL 12 for 4 months, there were times when I could have really done with some, but for personal reasons I was without the TBL 12. But I’m back on the TBL 12 for a month now and I’m feeling OK, normal almost, just shortness of breath if I extend myself too much.

Really pleased I got back on the TBL-12!

27th May 2018

Really pleased I got back on the TBL-12. Feeling much better because of it.

It has been a little bit of a see saw time for me

No signs of cancer cells

23rd September 2018

I had an assessment at the hospital a couple of weeks ago. There’s been no significant changes. There are no signs of cancer cells, just scar tissue from radiation treatment. Doctors have extended assessment times from every 6 months to everyday 9 months. So there we have it. I’ve just gone and joined a gym.........Ooopz.