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Lise - Stage 4 Breast Cancer


This is just to let you know about my present status. First of all I would like to give some back ground information about myself. The first time I was diagnosed with an aggressive HER2+ breast cancer was in December 2005. It took a while to digested it. On January 2006,1 was operated and started an aggressive treatment, the side effect of the Chemo was horrendous. After a year of chemo and radiation, I was told by my oncologist that I was cancer free. I was so happy I was "cured" of cancer.

During the summer of 2009, I started to have mild chest pain and then progressive stronger. Towards the end of the year I visited my oncologist and informed him that I had chest pain. He immediately ordered a CT Scan and other tests and told me to come back the following week for my results. I returned for my result and I was informed that the cancer was back more aggressive as stage 4 and it was incurable. The cancer had spread to my lungs, liver, bones and other parts of my body. This new news was very difficult to deal with. Once again, I started an aggressive chemo treatment and this time the side effects of the Chemo was tougher to manage .

I was exhausted and had very little energy to have a normal life. Time continued to pass until one day on 2012 my husband came home and told me that someone who worked with him mentioned about SeaCare. My husband said, "maybe we should try." In about 3 weeks I started to feel much stronger and was able to tolerate the chemo much better.

It has been 3 1/2 years since I started to take the SeaCare, and I have been feeling much better. I have energy! was able to travel a few times. Since 2009, my Dr. has given me a few different treatments, I am very sure the SeaCare is helping me to deal with the side effects. Besides taking the sea cucumber, every morning I make myself a glass of raw green vegetables and mix it with the SeaCare. I also exercise three times per week, continuing working 2 days per week and I am enjoying life the best possible way.