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Ken - Multiple Myeloma

In August of 2012 I was diagnosed with glioblastoma, a stage 4 brain tumor also known as "The Terminator" due to its rapid deadliness. I went through brain surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy, and reached a rare remission by December, 2013.

Then in July of 2014 while on vacation in Aruba I ended up in a wheelchair and was unable to keep much food down. When I returned to the States I immediately went to the ER where they discovered my creatinine was at 17. I spent the next 12 days as an in-patient at St. Vincent’s Hospital where I found I had Multiple Myeloma and was told I was in end stage kidney failure, with only 2% kidney function remaining. I received blood transfusions; a central venous catheter was placed in my chest, and I had several rounds of serum electrophoresis, followed by dialysis three times a week for the next three months.

The wife of a friend heard about my multiple myeloma and recommended SeaCare. I read about it, and consulted with 3 oncologists - my primary oncologist from Duke who I used for the glioblastoma, who is now at St. Francis Hospital in Hartford, my local primary oncologist for the multiple myeloma, as well as the top specialist in multiple myeloma at Yale / Smilow cancer hospital. All three oncologists were familiar with the research and ongoing trials with sea cucumber, confirmed that the results have been very promising, and encouraged me to try taking it.

I immediately began taking the SeaCare as well, and I continue to take it daily. I'm happy to report that I'm doing extremely well. The creatinine level that had shot to 17 is now at 2. Last week my oncologist called to tell me that my blood test for lambda free light chains - a measure of the bad proteins produced by my bone marrow cancer that interfere with kidney function - had dropped from 280 at diagnosis to 5 currently, showing the cancer is under control. Meanwhile the catheter was removed, I'm off dialysis, I'm back to work full time, and have returned to the gym. Today, typical for me, I did a one-hour intensive spin class, and then ran outdoors for another hour- and-a-half.

I firmly believe that the SeaCare has aided in my recovery, making it faster and more complete. I also feel it may be helping to prevent recurrences of both cancers. In any case, it can't hurt.