John - Psoriasis, Eczema

Hi my name is John Malcom, I am a 57 year old lawyer in Vanuatu. There is nothing in this for me putting forward this message. No money, no cheap drugs  - nothing. I am doing solely in the hope someone else with issues like mine try it and get sorted out. So I had / have psoriasis on my feet. About three years ago it went ballistic. At the time I was running marathons and my feet's welfare was quite important to me.

My feet went foul. They constantly scratched. I was getting for no reason massive cuts on the bottom of my feet and it killed me going running. I eventually had to give running up. I had to keep my feet bandaged to stop infections getting in, couldn't walk on the beach or grass and it was seriously miserable. I tried everything. I went to NZ twice to see specialists, I tried French doctors and witch doctors from Vanuatu. I spent a fortune on cremes and bandages and nothing helped one little bit. Every single doctor other than the witch doctor gave me more cortisone creme which worked for a couple of weeks then got worse and my skin got thinner. I hate doctors.

Eventually I met this French doctor - new in Vanuatu - Dr. King who tried heaps of stuff and finally gave up conventional medicine and said to try a remedy which did not make sense but he thinks it improves someones or activate someones immune system. He took blood from my right arm and injected it to my left buttock and same left arm to right buttock. I was slightly amused but it helped a little bit and it got me thinking about immune systems and how this thing suddenly got worse and I wasn't doing anything else different, so thought I would try SeaCare.

I started taking 2 packets a day and within a week the big cuts under my feet stopped and within a month I had skin back. I no longer put on millions of cremes, my feet are no longer infecting, I can strap on running shoes again, I can walk barefoot on my beach and on grass. I love it.

It has not cured the psoriasis and I now have to keep taking one packet a day, though if I go away for a week or so it isn't a major and now I just have little flare ups every so often but they are not debilitating.


A real option for people with Psoriasis & Eczema

16th March 2014

If you have psoriasis or like diseases and have tried everything and nothing works try SeaCare. I am happy to speak or email to anyone about it any time and there is nothing to lose.  Every time I went to a dermatologist it cost me 2 to 300 dollars plus all the drugs. AND for nothing. SeaCare works for me and I am so happy about it, I am happy to tell anyone and everyone about it. If you do not believe me I don't care it is still worth a try and if you want to ring me about it my mobile phone number is (678) 7741154 - that is how serious I am about this stuff.

Psoriasis Question

7th May 2014

Hi, thought I would forward you a question I received on line. Sharon from Christchurch contacted me and asked

“Are the Psoriasis suffers finding it is clearing their Psoriasis up or only if they have skin infections?”

I replied

“I have no idea. For me the skin infections came with the psoriasis from cuts in my feet. I started on the SeaCare and the psoriasis went back to nothing of importance - just an irritation really - and with that the cuts and hence the infections stopped. I suppose the SeaCare would also help the infections. Before SeaCare I used massive amounts of drugs and on one occasion got put on a drip. After SeaCare I didn’t get any more infections. It went hand in hand.” 

I hope this helps anyone reading this.


I thoroughly recommend SeaCare for people with skin diseases

22nd July 2014

Further to my previous note in respect to SeaCare I am writing to confirm I continue to take SeaCare  and I continue to have success with the same in respect to my psoriasis.

When I commenced taking SeaCare I started at two packets per day and after my feet cleared up I reduced it to one packet per day; I have now further reduced it to two or three packets per week and it continues to work wonders. As advised I live in Vanutau on occasions when I travel to Australia or New Zealand or elsewhere. I now simply do not bother traveling with frozen SeaCare and i continue to have healthy feet. As previously stated I thoroughly recommend this product for people with skin diseases.

The use of SeaCare cleared up the problems I had with my feet 

29th September 2016

Further to previous recommendation of SeaCare and as to by way of a updated brief review for anyone interested, the use of SeaCare cleared up the problems I had with my feet splitting from something associated with psoriasis. 

After it all cleared up I stopped taking SeaCare and after a while it came back, and so I started taking SeaCare again and it disappeared. So what I am now doing is keeping away from all doctors, all the creams with cortisone and all drugs for it. And every time it flares up, I simply start on SeaCare again, then when it disappears I stop. It seems to work for me and I hope it works for others.

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