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John - Cholangiocarcinoma/Bile Duct Cancer


My Name is M. John Arens. I am 68 years old. I was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma in May of 2015. For those of you not familiar with Cholangiocarcinoma, let me tell you briefly about it. It is often referred to as Bile Duct Cancer. A bit of a misnomer. It often starts around the Bile Ducts, but as explained to be by my oncologist at Yale, it is a cancer with “very long legs”. That means that it goes where it wants to go. They told me I probably had about 2 years to live. I had a 1/3 of my liver removed along with the tumor in August of 2015. They said we’d wait and see. By spring of 2016 they told me it was on the move, and I had another surgery in June of 2016. The surgery revealed that the cancer was in my lymph system and that the only remaining course for me was Chemo, which would extend my life by months. That’s when I discovered SeaCare. I was told that it was a miracle potion, and that it had helped many. I was told personally that it may be of benefit to me, although not many people with my type cancer had used it, as they probably were unaware of its existence. Only 2-3 thousand people worldwide contract this type of cancer.

I was told by my doctors that the chemo was to be a strong dose and that I would be sick to my stomach, be totally exhausted, would lose my hair, and other things. I started taking SeaCare the day I started Chemo. I never experienced any side effects, and my cancer has been at a stand still since. To keep this brief, let me say that I have been receiving Chemo in one form or another since August of 2016, along with other treatments. The Docs said I still only had about 2 years to live. That was over three years ago. I am still receiving Chemo, with no side effects, and my oncologists are amazed at my stability. They keep telling me to “keep doing what you’re doing!” They know of my SeaCare use and encourage me to “absolutely continue.”

Let me just say that I should have been dead over two years ago. I am fine and feel great. If they didn’t tell me I had this horrendous cancer, I would never know it. I credit my success to a number of things: SeaCare, a positive attitude, various medical therapies, and the love and prayers of friends. I have no intention of going to my eternal rest any time soon.