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Joe - Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma

I was diagnosed with large B-cell, Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in September 2004. That fateful day, I felt that the days of my life were numbered. I was given an early death sentence with an incurable, fatal blood cancer. However, the very next day I started on the SeaCare sea cucumber regimen. As a 46 year old dentist with a thriving practice and father of two beautiful girls, being married for 20 years, this news can hit you like a moving freight train.


A year and 2 months have passed! I take the SeaCare religiously every day without fail. I'd like to share my results from Yale University, where I have been under care for this duration. My beta-2-microglobutins, NI-protein levels, white blood cell count, platelets, and hemoglobin and hemotoerit have not changed from the day that I was diagnosed! In fact, some of my results over the past year (in which I get tested every 3 months) have gone down. The physicians at Yale don't understand why my disease has not progressed. They have me on a holding pattern, with no treatment necessary. The PET scans and MRI'S of my entire body reveals no tumors!

I feel that this incredible SeaCare supplement has given me a new lease on life. I recommend SeaCare to every cancer victim that I meet. As a health care provider, I hope that the mainstream medical world will research this amazing supplement and save others!

I will continue to keep you updated with my physical progress. I am indebted to you for prolonging my life.