Jack - Crohn's Disease

Ever since jack has been 3 months old, he has had something to be concerned about, whether it is his blood cell count, his iron deficiency, intestinal inflammation, bloody or mucus stool.

When he was 5 he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. He was put on Pentasa shortly after that. That really did nothing for him other than possibly cause him to have pericarditis. He was then put on a short dose of steroids, which seemed to get rid of the fluid around his heart and kick the Crohn’s into remission. Even though it seemed as though he was in remission, he still continued to grow and gain weight at a slow pace.

It was determined last January (at age 9) that the location of where is Crohn’s affects him is very hidden. He underwent a 12 hour camera capsule test, which revealed moderate lesions and deep ulcers and inflammation in the jejunum and ileum. This scenario does not allow his body to absorb the iron, vitamins, minerals, fat and calories necessary for normal growth. Being that he is at a pre-puberty age, getting on something to heal the inflammation, lesions and ulcers is critical.

The course of treatment recommended by his Doctor was Remicade and methotrexate: not something I wanted to be infused into my child’s body. On 2/26/12 I sent Dr. Marla Dubinsky (my son’s specialist) the profile of SeaCare along with some other literature for her review. We were given the O.K. to have Jack try it.

On 2/28/12 Jack began taking 1 SeaCare supplement a day. He was eating a lot and we had added higher calorie foods into his diet. He seemed O.K on it, no episodes, tummy cramps or constipation or diarrhea. But he just didn’t seem to be gaining the weight he should have.

On 3/30/12 Jack began taking SeaCare twice a day, morning and before bedtime. He seemed to really start to show signs of more energy, gaining weight and growing. He also started taking an iron supplement because he was dangerously low on iron. A blood test revealed that his iron was improving: the first sign that his body was actually absorbing something.

On 7/26/12 Jack went to Dr. Marla Dubinsky for a follow up on his growth and overall health. He gained 5 pounds and grew almost an inch and a half. She was very pleased to see how much he had grown and gained and that he hasn’t had any belly discomfort. A very specific blood test was drawn that day to see what his inflammation rate was. The test revealed that Jack had a PERFECT blood test, and ABSOLUTELY NO SIGNS OF INFLAMMATION. That was the best news I have ever gotten about his health. As I mentioned before, since he was 3 months old, there was always something coming up in the blood work to be concerned about.

The Doctor suggested that keep doing what you’re doing and we will check his blood work again in December as well as follow his weight and height.

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