Glennon - Bowel Cancer

Hi there, I’m going to tell you my story of what SeaCare meant to me. My name is Glennon Cook and I was diagnosed with bowel cancer in the year of 2004 and I was told by my specialist they could not do much for me as I have a blood disorder and it wasn't going to get better.

A mate of mine named Jimmy, told me about SeaCare. It sounded like a good thing, but it tastes and smells something fishy, but you get used to it. So I started taking SeaCare in 2005. I felt better by the end of my first box and after a few more months family and friends were noticing a difference in my health.

So I have kept on taking SeaCare. I notice a difference in myself if I forget to take SeaCare. The difference is I’m not well mentally or physically, and my family and friends notice when I have not had SeaCare too. So it has worked for me, after all the doctors did not give me much hope and I did not go under the knife or have chemo so I took the chance with SeaCare.

The downside to TBL 12 is sometimes you get diarrhea, having to take it twice a day, the taste and the price. But how do you put a price on life?

4th May 2014

Hi all, here is a quick update:

Over the years my main issue has been bowel cancer. But because I have decided not to get any treatment I have not really worried about getting too many tests, but every now and then my PSA gets tested for prostate cancer. When I first started SeaCare back in late 2005 my PSA was 88. I did not do anything about it then because I had so many other health issues. I got another reading in mid 2007 and it had gone down to 12. And just the other day I got it tested again and my PSA is now down to 1.3! I know PSA levels generally go up so I am sure SeaCare has helped it to reduce to almost normal levels. Still feeling great and working full time.  


9th July 2014

Hullo. Cooky here. Picked up another box from Dave. I stopped taking SeaCare for 2 or 3 weeks and I really felt the difference.  I stop every now and then and I always start to feel rundown and tired. I don't know why I stop, but maybe its because I feel so well. When will I learn? However from past experience I should be back to normal within a week.

15th September 2014

Just got another box. Feeling good and everything's working well. Visited the doctor and he is only interested in my blood pressure now days.

21st January 2015

I have managed to enjoy yet another Christmas that I could not have imagined 10 years ago when I was given no hope.  But the SeaCare keeps working away and I am feeling great. I heard that Cricketer Martin Crowe is on SeaCare now. I hope it works as well for him as it has for me.

7th July 2015

Having my ups and downs but usually to do with being slack and not taking SeaCare properly. But I have been lately after Dave told me off and am feeling better for it.

14th September 2015

Feeling fine and still taking SeaCare regularly(ish)

15th December 2015

Nothing much to report. Still taking SeaCare and feeling fine. Had a bad flu a month ago but did not seem to get it as bad as the rest of the family.

27th May 2017

Before they could deal to my hernia I have been in hospital and have had a new stomach, and my gall bladder removed in April. 6 weeks later I am feeling real good and am still taking SeaCare. Before I went in to have my operation I was taking double SeaCare for 2 weeks before the operation which I feel gave me a faster recovery. So still in the queue for the hernia operation.

16th September 2017

Hi, feeling average. Just got over the flu but never got it as hard as the rest of the family. Still waiting for my hernia operation but otherwise all go ahead. Still taking SeaCare. 

27th May 2018

Feeling good and now working full time and back training amateur boxing. Still waiting for my hernia operation!

Still taking SeaCare, but for a while now have only been needing to take 1 per day.

Didn't get flu as hard as the family.

10th December 2018

All is well with me. Still taking SeaCare and still waiting for my hernia operation!