Don - Prostate Cancer

I want to share with you some good news I have just received from my urologist.


The background is that in the middle of July my annual physical revealed that my PSA was up by more than 50% over last year (that’s what the urologists call “velocity”), I had “microscopic hematuria” (blood in urine); and the urologist felt some firmness in the prostate that was “suspicious”. The doc wanted to do a biopsy.


I started taking SeaCare at about that same time, and two months later upon re-examination, my total PSA is down to 1.6 (which is the level from 2 years ago), my “free” PSA is normal, the hematuria is gone, and the urologist felt nothing suspicious! He said there is no need for a biopsy!

I attribute this good news to SeaCare and a lot of prayer! SeaCare itself is an answer to prayer.

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