Denis - Preventative, Arthritis

My Name is Denis, I am 77 and am from ChCh in New Zealand and have been taking 2 tubs of SeaCare every day for the last 12 years. I have taken it to protect myself from Prostate cancer as my father died from Prostate cancer when he was 61. 12 years ago my PSA went up to 13.3 and my doctor suggested treatment that I did not want to have. My son, who was an accountant in Vanuatu suggested I should try SeaCare which was made by a client of his. So I started on SeaCare instead, hoping it would stop the cancer developing. 

PSA Results:
15th December 2016 was 38
16th Aug 2016 was 38
15th January 2014 was high at 46
18th Dec 2013 was 33

During the past 12 years I have not had any problems associated with cancer although my PSA has gone up slowly , but the majority of the PSA increase has been spikes when I have had two biopsies (both negative for cancer) and when I was particularly sick with whooping cough. I have read a lot about how a high PSA level does not necessarily mean you have prostate cancer and maybe I am one of those cases but I personally feel that it is the SeaCare that has stopped me getting prostate cancer and kept everything in good working order. A positive side effect is that my arthritis in my fingers stopped within the first 2 or 3 months on SeaCare. My last PSA reading was on 15 January 2014 and was high at 46. This has increased a lot from 33 on 18 Dec 2013. However I have had a bladder infection and been on strong Antibiotics which I think will have pushed the level up a bit. I am over this now and I am hopeful the results of my latest test will see the PSA level drop.


Lower PSA level

29th April 2014

Great news, my latest PSA test was 32. This is well down from the January test of 46 and even lower than the December test of 33.

I expected it to go down after I recovered from my illness and stopped taking antibiotics, but it has come down quicker than I thought which is probably due to me continuing to take SeaCare. Still feeling great.


Taking TBL-12 overseas

9th July 2014

Heading off for an overseas holiday to see our children so just picked up 2 boxes of SeaCare and some papers for customs so I hope I do not get too many questions asked of me or worse still get it taken off me.  Dave says plenty of people have taken it overseas and there has never been a problem. I am feeling well and continuing to take SeaCare twice a day.


Taking my TBL-12 overseas was no trouble

12th September 2014

Hi, back from holiday and pleased to report that I did not have any trouble at any border with customs over my SeaCare. Still feeling great & still taking 2 SeaCare per day.


78 years old and feeling great

14th September 2015

PSA creeping up and it is now 37 but it is still less than it was over a year ago. Doc thinks at this level I should consider my options, but I’m 78 years old and feeling great so am happy just taking SeaCare.

I have even been trying a bit of excercise!

27th May 2017

Still got pain in my leg which is slowing down my walking. Trying all sorts of things to fix it. Apparently it is bruised bones. I have even been trying a bit of excercise! Still taking my SeaCare. PSA up to 49 but not surprising given the operation I have had.

No problems with my prostate

4th October 2017

Hi, still got pains in my leg which is slowing me down a lot. Still taking SeaCare and still have no problems with my prostate despite my high PSA readings.

Apart from my back I am feeling fine

10th December 2018

Still taking SeaCare each day and apart from my back I am feeling fine. May have to live with it, as it is, because I am over operations! Hoping it will get better over time.