Daphne - Breast Cancer


My name is Daphne and I am in my seventies. I was diagnosed with beast cancer in July 2016. Because of chronic underlying health issues, I felt that my body wouldn't withstand surgery, chemotherapy or radiation, and chose alternative therapy instead. I started having vitamin C in November 2016 and while at the clinic I heard about SeaCare. I was offered a free trial of this and started taking it in December 2016. 


I Feel Positive About My Future

19th June 2017 - Update

Since beginning to use this natural product, my energy levels have improved considerably and I now feel positive about my future. I'm able to carry on with many of my former activities which include housework and being a gardener at the local resource centre. I don't have a car but can once again walk to the local supermarket to do my shopping and can walk/bus to most places. I feel happy about my renewed energy and positivity.


Nausea Almost Gone and More Energy

18th September 2017 - Update

Hi, just a little update on my general health. I have cut my vitamin C to once a week & am continuing with my SeaCare. I have had a bowel condition for six years now which has caused diarrhea & nausea on a daily basis. I’m happy to say the nausea is almost gone & the diarrhea has improved. I also have more energy. My tumour hasn’t grown any bigger in the last year so who knows, one day it might start shrinking. At this stage I am feeling very positive & looking forward to the future. Until next time, Daphne

I have kept well and Haven't Caught Any Bugs

18th October 2018 - Update

Winter is finally over and we are moving into spring and the warmer days. I hate the cold weather but I have kept well and haven’t caught any bugs. I gave up the intravenous vitamin C 6 months ago, it got too expensive. I am hoping the SeaCare, good diet and supplements will continue to keep the cancer under control. So far all is well. I have a brother staying with me for a couple of weeks and he has been doing a couple of jobs for me. I’ve also just had a birthday with all my family around & got really spoilt. I still get out in the garden & enjoy coffee with my friends so life is all good.