Aaron - Muscular Dystrophy

Since May 2005, Aaron carries an official diagnosis of Muscular Dystrophy.  

To date, no doctor has been able to assign a specific type of Limb-Girdle MD.

Aaron has gone from playing all types of boyhood sports to being totally wheelchair bound.

The emotional, physical and financial aspects of the disease has impacted family life for many years. 

History of Aaron's intake of SeaCare:  we were referred to SeaCare in December 2010.

In January 2011, Aaron began taking the product.  


Most significant changes include:


--- more energy, more alert, need for more frequent hair cuts, and nails trims.

--- spontaneous speech increased (parallel to becoming more alert)

--- in school, Aaron's reading level has increased from a previous level of 2.3

Medically, physically, our best hope is that the progression of the disease will cease. Minimally, we hope it will slow the progression of the disease that has raged throughout Aaron's body. For the most part, Aaron is not in any pain or discomfort ~ that we know of, as he speaks of little, if any, pain.


Aaron's outlook on life is mostly one of being content. Since taking SeaCare he seems to feel better, thus is more positive.

For today, I believe he is growing in acceptance of his hardships, as we continue to help him deal with differences due to his level of health.

I'm convinced there's something in the SeaCare product that makes Aaron feel better daily and therefore have better days.    


To date, Aaron's general overall health is good, despite the disease in his body.  

We hope for greater changes, and are thankful for all the small changes as a lot of changes can improve health too.


A lot of little changes, can make a lot of difference in the young life of a boy fighting a mean disease.

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